As Time Goes By - Listen to Dorothy Loyd sing
Helen Hayes' favorite song, As Time Goes By

"As Time Goes By (Real Audio 732 Kb)" was sung by pianist, Dooley Wilson, in the 1943 movie, "Casablanca." Many artists have sung this "classic": Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and Britain's Vera Lynn.

When Helen Hayes played on stage in San Francisco at the Curran Theatre, Dorothy Loyd was singing at the hungry i. One evening, Helen Hayes, First Lady of the American Stage, dropped in while Dorothy was performing. Afterwards, Helen Hayes said to Dorothy, "You have a beautiful voice." Dorothy never forgot that evening and dedicates "As Time Goes By" to Helen Hayes.

Herman Hupfeld, composer of "As Time Goes By" once courted and proposed to Helen Hayes, First Lady of the American Theatre. She did not accept his offer of marriage, and subsequently married brilliant playwright, Charles MacArthur. I would like to dedicate "As Time Goes By (Real Audio 732 Kb) " to the memory of Ms. Helen Hayes, and "Casablanca," one of the greatest black and white films of all time.

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Created on ... February 16, 2003