Can't Help Lovin' That Man-- (Real Audio, 3,839 Kb)[ for Jim Carl, my husband ]

Dorothy Currin Loyd singing "Can't Help Lovin That Man"

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"I believe that the rhythm of life is in lifts the spirit, warms the soul, and touches the heart."

Jerome Kern's "Can't Help Lovin That Man" is Dorothy's signature piece; she has sung it many times over the years as it has held its popularity to wide acclaim. In 2001, she performed in "Le Cabaret" produced by the Canyon Theater Guild in Santa Clarita. In her teen years, she was compared to the late, great Helen Morgan of "Showboat" fame, and Dorothy acknowledges that "Can't Help Lovin that Man" is one of her most requested torch songs.

Dorothy Singing at Vitello's, a Studio City restaurant Dorothy with her pianist

Dorothy Loyd performing at a San Fernando Valley Retirement Home. She entertains regularly at Assisted Living Facilties and San Fernando Valley's retirement homes.

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Created on ... March 31, 2002